Tailored one-to-one sustainability advice from Keep Scotland Beautiful

Opportunity for tailored one-to-one sustainability advice

Would you like to take your business to the next level by achieving your sustainability goals?

Whether you are working to reduce energy use and cut costs, appeal to the sustainable traveller or move towards a net zero economy, there are practical steps that you can take to help you along the way.

We’re pleased to offer you the opportunity for tailored one-to-one advice sessions, free of charge, on sustainability topics specific to your business. The sessions are designed to provide you with positive actions and recommendations to support you on your sustainability journey.

We have appointed Keep Scotland Beautiful to deliver this who bring a range of knowledge and experience to provide expert advice to improve business operations and inspire environmental action.

Please read on for more information on what is involved and how to apply.

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What is involved?

Businesses will receive general sustainability advice or can choose to focus on areas such as:

  • Practical actions you can take to improve business operations
  • How to access resources
  • Embedding sustainability into your work culture
  • Developing or implementing an existing policy and strategy
  • Promoting your sustainable activities
  • Support and recognition through awards and certifications

Advice is available on a range of sustainability themes including:

  • Energy efficiency - reducing the amount of energy you use, and easy ways to improve the efficiency of your facilities.
  • Decarbonisation – understanding where your emissions come from, how to reduce them and renewable alternatives.
  • Climate change – adapting to, and mitigating against, a changing climate.
  • Biodiversity – reducing your direct and indirect impacts on nature locally and globally, and simple steps to take nature positive action.
  • Resource efficiency – sourcing sustainable supplies.
  • Circular Economy and waste management - separation of recycling, re-using and repairing, and procurement.

How will it work?

Participants will receive a 1-hour advice session based on your business requirements and goals. Here’s how it will work: 

  • Complete a short application form to help us identify what you might need and ensure that the advice is relevant to your business.
  • If your application is approved, you will be assigned to a suitable advisor from Keep Scotland Beautiful and you will be contacted to schedule your appointment.
  • Your one-to-one advice session will take place between 15 February and 22 March and will be followed up with a written outline of the advice, including actions identified and any recommendations from your appointed Keep Scotland Beautiful Advisor.

The sustainability one-to-one advice session will consist of a one-hour online advice session, followed up with a written outline of the advice, including actions identified and any recommendations from your appointed Keep Scotland Beautiful advisor. These sessions will be focused on providing general information, practical actions and signposting, where appropriate.

Please note that your advisor will not be able to recommend specific suppliers or review your environmental strategies or policies.

This support is part of VisitAberdeenshire's Tourism Development Programme and free of charge to tourism and hospitality businesses based in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

How to apply

Spaces are limited and offered on the following basis:

Participants must:

  • Be a tourism or hospitality business based in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire
  • Have previously engaged in VisitAberdeenshire’s Tourism Development Programme
  • Be available to attend an advice session between 15 February and 22 March

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete the application form using the link below.

Complete Application Form - Sustainability Advice One-to-One Session