5 things you should be doing on social media

The world of digital marketing is forever progressing with new technologies and trends constantly coming into play. The best way to keep up with the online world is to be part of the movement. Reading VisitScotland’s new ‘Growth Fund Marketing Toolkit’ I have pulled out my top five things to do on social media to join the digital movement and grow your organic audience (without spending a penny):

1. Inspire and inform

It’s no secret that people are wise to marketing ‘talk’ and no longer want to be sold to, so don’t just bombard your audience with messages about your product. Inspire them to visit too with video and images not only about you but about the destination too.

2. Talk their talk

Know your audience and what they want to hear about. Keep an eye on trends and hot topics; social media changes all the time. Link your product in with trending hashtags and themed days e.g #TravelTuesday, #NationalWineDay’. Search hashtags and talk to people interested in similar offerings and join conversations with like-minded businesses.

3. Engage with your network

If people are talking to you on social (tagging you, using your hashtag, liking/sharing you content) speak to them. Be personable with your network and people are more likely to be ambassadors of your offering.

4. Know your channels

All social media channels are different with different audiences and expectations of communication. E.g. Twitter is great for news updates whilst Instagram is perfect for sharing visual content. Tailor your messages to suit each platform and avoid auto-posting across your social channels.

5. Measure your results

Use your insights and analytical tools to measure your success on social. How engaging are you? Which style of posts work the best? Should you be using photos or film? Make changes, take risks and get to know your audience even better.

For more information about how to make the most of digital channels to communicate with potential visitors, check out VisitScotland’s new marketing toolkit at www.visitscotland.org/business_support/promote_your_business/growth_fund/growth-fund-toolkit.aspx


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