Receive a Sustainability Review

Receive a Sustainability Review

We are delighted to be working with Green Tourism once again to offer the opportunity for tourism and hospitality businesses in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to receive a sustainability review of your business at no cost to you.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly more important to travellers when planning their holidays. According to’s 2022 Sustainable Travel Report, 81% of travellers they surveyed stated that sustainable travel is important to them. With more travellers making decisions informed by climate concerns, there is a growing expectation for tourism and hospitality businesses to provide sustainable and responsible experiences.

What will I get from the sustainability review?

The sustainability review will help you identify areas where you can make improvements to become more sustainable, whether you are at the start of your sustainability journey, or you are already taking steps to reduce your impact on the planet.

Working with one of the Green Tourism team, they will explore with you what you are doing currently, areas where you could potentially make changes and provide support and advice on how you can improve the sustainability of your tourism or hospitality business.

The sustainability review will result in advice on next steps you can take to become more sustainable, and a prioritised action plan tailored to your business.

What is required from me?

Below is an outline of the audit process and the commitment required from you to participate:

  • Step 1: Complete a questionnaire to help inform the sustainability review
  • Step 2 – October - December: 1-hour one-to-one tailored advice session with a Green Tourism Assessor (via Zoom or Teams)
  • Step 3: Following your one-to-one advice session, you will receive a prioritised action plan tailored to your business, with recommendations on next steps
  • Step 4 – January - March: 1-hour one-to-one session to discuss the action plan and any questions arising