Latest insights into how people perceive our region

Our latest Factsheets summarise consumer research we carried out earlier this year.


Focus On: VisitAberdeenshire’s Leisure Consumer Database draws out the key findings from our in-depth survey with our own leisure consumer database. As an engaged audience, we were keen to explore their perceptions and understand how they think we compare to other destinations, both urban and rural, across the UK. Those that responded told us they enjoy sightseeing by car/coach/on foot, they also enjoy short walks and strolls, visiting historic houses/stately homes/castles and experiencing local food and drink when on holiday. We were happy to hear they believe our region is a good match for their favourite activities. As with previous surveys, their top words to describe the region were “Beautiful”, “Friendly” and “Traditional”. For the rural parts of the region, “Breath-taking” was also a very popular description. Click on the link below to read the Factsheet and the more in-depth slide deck, where you will find the urban and rural destination comparator slides.


Read "Focus On: VisitAberdeenshire's Leisure Consumer Database


Perceptions of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire: Views from Scottish and North of England Residents summarises work we commissioned to explore perceptions and sentiment towards the region, particularly in these times of change. Using focus groups in the central belt of Scotland and north of England we explored unprompted views of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, then gauging opinion once they understood the location, scale and geography together with imagery of the destination. It’s a really interesting piece of work which has some key actions for businesses to take into their businesses. Having seen the imagery and hearing the descriptions, almost all the participants said “there’s more to the area than I expected”.  Overall, the groups felt that the region was “rich in culture and heritage”, “beautiful” “traditional” yet ”also surprising”. Again, we have a more detailed slide deck of results to accompany this Factsheet. You can find both by clicking on the link below.


Read "Perceptions of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire: Views from Scottish and North of England Residents


As with all our results, if you would like to discuss the findings in more detail and/or understand better how these could apply to your business/businesses, do get in touch at