Know your Destination Online Training Modules - What to expect

My name is Maryn Grieve and I joined the VisitAberdeenshire team as a Tourism Development Executive three months ago.


Having previously worked in a hotel on the front desk, I know first-hand that it’s not an uncommon occurrence for guests to ask for your opinion on what they should see, do, and where they should eat, and a lot of the time I didn’t have the answers. When I was working in the hotel, I had been living in Aberdeen for around 4 years as a student and my local knowledge was lacking. The ‘Know your destination’ Online training modules from VisitAberdeenshire would have made such a difference as I would have avoided awkward silences whilst I googled answers for guests. Instead, I would have been able to hold conversations on the number of experiences available to them.


The ‘Know Your Destination’ online training modules are split into 5 different modules across 4 topics:

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire – an introductory overview of the destination.

Food and Drink – tells the region’s food and drink story, focusing on provenance and local produce (funded by Opportunity North East with support from the Scottish Government’s North East Economic Recovery and Skills Fund).

Adventure Tourism - two modules giving information on the range of adventure activities and experiences in the region (also funded by Opportunity North East with support from Scottish Government’s North East Economic Recovery and Skills Fund)

Great Outdoors in the City - highlights the availability of outdoor experiences and natural attractions in Aberdeen (funded by NatureScot).


The modules are a fun and interactive way of learning and each module takes around 20-30 minutes to complete. You can start, stop and resume the modules at any time so they won’t take big chunks out of your working day.


As the season starts to wind down there isn’t a better time to sign up. Over the predominantly quieter winter period, your staff can complete the training, putting them in great stead for next summer.


If you would be interested in signing up or finding out more, click here.