VisitAberdeenshire Presents... An insights activity update - what to expect

Deirdre ODonnell crop

I’m Deirdre O’Donnell, Insights and Evaluation Manager at VisitAberdeenshire. I have been with the organisation for nearly six years. Whilst I’m a “team of one”, I work with everyone in the organisation to lead on research priorities and to evaluate the impact of our work. This role helps ensure we remain competitive and responsive to ever-changing visitor preferences and market conditions. 


My day-to-day activities focus on keeping updated on industry trends, collecting, analysing and interpreting data to guide our decision making, aiming to help drive the overall success of our organisation, and ultimately the destination.  


So what kind of data do we gather and dig deeper into? 


We run a programme of research throughout the year that covers both supply and demand, exploring topics that range from business performance to optimism levels, and from consumer perceptions to visitor satisfaction. 


We always aim to share our findings as widely as possible, making them accessible, easy to digest, and focused on practical actions for businesses to take forward. 


I will be hosting the December VA Presents…..webinar on Tuesday 5th December. My plan is to run through the programme of research we carry out, what we ask and why we ask it. Along the wayI’ll highlight ways in which you can get involved, and how the findings can benefit your business. At the end of the session, I’ll share insights from new research we have just undertaken, literally hot-off-the-press! 


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